March 20, 2019 O the place’s you could go!

O the place’s you could go!

Whenever I tell people we love to camp the first question I get is where do you go?  This question causes me to hesitate.   When you find a fantastic camping spot the last thing you want is to find it taken for the long holiday weekend especially when you were so excited about camping there.  Never fear though, I will divulge some of our favorite spots and share with you the secrets to finding your own. 

Google Maps

A helpful tool we found in finding a great spot to camp is Google maps.  While maps typically are one to three years old it’s still a great way to find camping spots down dirt roads you never go especially when you’re not quite sure where they lead.  On Google maps you can view all the dirt roads in places you’re interested in camping.


   The only downfall is there is usually no street view to get a feel for how much space there is available and the slope of the terrain. Maps does have a 3D option which can give you some sense of elevation but still is not great.

In past trips to Moab UT, we have used Google maps to find a great spot.  There are all kinds of dirt roads to follow so before we left, we kind of got an idea of the landscape and terrain and where we could camp.  We still had a little bit of exploring to do but it wasn’t like we were shooting in the dark.  It was more like shooting with sunglasses on.

Forest Service

Another great resource for camping spots is your local forest service station.  They know the most about your area and will often know if certain spots are open. We love camping in national forest area in Utah because most of the time it’s free.   If your worried about snow levels or conditions in a certain area the US Forest Service website will have updates on these things.   In Utah this year we have had bigger snow totals than usual.  Some roads like Mirror lake Highway or Monte Cristo were still closed the first part of June due to high snow levels.  The Forest Service website had details on all roads going threw National Forest and whether they were open yet or not.


The best way to find a great camp spot is just by exploring.  When we go camping, we are always looking for new places we haven’t been.  We drive down all the dirt roads expecting something new and we are rarely disappointed.   So go find a spot then drive those side by sides and 4 wheelers around and see what else is out there.  This is how we found a spot we lovingly refer to as camp onion.  In arbs basin there is the coolest spot right on top of this hill across from the gravel pit.  It has some type of wild onions growing there so it has just a hint of onion smell in the air.  It has the best view of the meadow below and is away from a lot of the other camp spots, so you have privacy. 

Another one of our favorite spots is found in the Uintah mountains.  When you go through Evanston then head to Mountain View a little past the Stateline Reservoir and Marsh Lake you hit a spot called China Meadows.  This area is mostly flat and kind of marshy but has awesome views and lots of fishing opportunity’s close by.  We also were lucky enough to see a double rainbow here while camping.   

Wherever you end up the spot you get is only half of the adventure.  Exploring the beautiful world around you is the best part of being out in nature.   We will see you out there.  Be the wild!