LifeGear Stormproof Path Light

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Most lights light the path in front of you. The Stormproof Path Light lights the path in front of you, below you, and behind you.  Made of waterproof and impact-resistant materials, this light is rugged and ready for anything you can throw at it. It also has an integrated rubber grip which allows you to hold the light comfortably in wet, slippery weather. There is one button for the forward light, while a second button controls the downward and backward beams, giving you added flexibility. The Stormproof Path Light has 150 lumens of power on high and 15 lumens on low, so you’ll always have the right amount of power for your particular needs. With run times of 10 hours on high and 100 hours on low, you can be assured that you’ll have light when you need it. Also includes a built in emergency whistle so you can be heard in case of an emergency. Four AA batteries are included.

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