• Designed for the ultralight user
  • Fine tuned control
  • XTS reduces boil times by 40%
  • Lightweight mesh storage bag included

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Designed for the ultralight user with an emphasis on performance, the Kinetic Ultra stove is perfect for those who want fine-tuned control of the heating and cooking process. The Kinetic Ultra features the largest burner in the Olicamp stove lineup and the highest degree of heat distribution under the cooking surface; three miniature titanium pot supports fold out from a three-pronged wind grate to save weight and space while protecting the flame from wind; a machined aluminum valve shaves weight and is easy to grasp even with gloved hands. This stove is compatible with screw-on Butane/Propane canisters and includes a rigid polycarbonate carry case for storage and transport.

The combo includes the Olicamp XTS Pot. Our XTS Pot can reduce boil times by as much as 40% thanks to the heat transfer system on the bottom of the pot. The more surface area capturing heat from your stove, the water boils faster saving you time and fuel. The pot features a silicone covered pot handle and lid. Most fuel canisters nest inside with your Olicamp stove, saving space in your pack and protecting your stove from damage along the trail. Lightweight mesh storage bag included.

Kinetic Ultra Titanium Stove

  • Weight: 48g/1.7 oz.
  • Size: 2.5″ x 2.6″
  • Ignition: Manual
  • Output: 9,620 BTU
  • Boil Time: 3 min 30 seconds
  • Fuel Type: Canister (Fuel Sold Separately)


  • Weight: 190g/6.7oz
  • Size: 1 liter 4.5″x 5.3″
  • Hard Anodized aluminum
  • Compatible with most outdoor stoves
  • Heat exchange technology
  • Graduations stamped into pot for easy measurements

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 5 × 5 in


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